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You have a story...

...and I think you should tell it. 

Hi, I'm Shelly, novelist, screenwriter, speaker, and self-publishing coach. Here at The Creativ U, I help people get their books into the world because I believe each person's story matters. 


I used to think stories define us–identify who we are meant to be. Now I believe they inform us. What information are you here to share? 


Thinking of self-publishing? I can help! I'd love to send you a FREE e-book I created to help people with their writing practice, readying them for the self-publishing process.


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"I highly recommend working with Shelly. She is responsible, professional, and knows how to handle writing projects both big and small. Her attention to detail and ability to work with a deadline make her a delight to work with. I’ll definitely be doing it again!” 

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"I love working with Shelly. She brings a beautiful mix of heart and technical detail to the task of crafting my Conscious Stories. I highly recommend her services." 


"Without Shelly, my self-publishing journey would have never begun. She listened to an inexperienced and chaotic pitch of an idea and helped me transform that into an organized complete project! She is so encouraging and gifted!"

The creative in you is calling.


Shelly's services include online courses, consultations, and ghostwriting. Check out  her work on Amazon or any major book supplier.


Shelly's current projects include her Tracing Time Trilogy, a time-travel novel series, in production development for movie adaptation.

Her upcoming novel is themed on witnessing the American Midwest church culture with its view and treatment of women. Shelly draws from her experiences both in a cult setting and mainstream megachurch system to create the world and story of The Cheating Wife.


As a screenwriter, a fictional adaptation for a series drama of Shelly's personal story is currently in production collaboration with her brother and actor, Jon Snow. 

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