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Ready to Write?

Ready to Write?

in this course...

You will learn the basics of manuscript writing and hone your book idea!

 Perfect for someone who's always wanted to write a book, but doesn't know where to start putting the pieces together.

in this course...

Take your manuscript from rough draft to published book in this step-by-step course for the self-published author. Whether you're a first-time writer or a seasoned professional, we'll go through everything it takes for you to publish your book and retain all the rights and royalties of your intellectual property for life!

in this course...

We'll learn some basics about book launch marketing and social media influence for you as an author. Self-publishing doesn't end with getting your book into the world. That's just the beginning of how your story can make an impact!


I'm so grateful you stopped by! My publishing courses are designed to help anyone put their message out into the world at an affordable and practical rate. Watch the welcome video above for details and check out the courses below! Don't want to miss anything? Be sure to sign up for our emails. We don't spam. Ever.


Did you know?


After utilizing Shelly's program, Megan, endorsed by the Radio City Rockettes, sold 13,000 book her first year as a self-published author!

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