Write Your Manuscript Now!

Have you ever dreamed of writing? Do you have a vision for fiction like me? Thinking of writing a memoir? 

Maybe you're constantly being told "OMG, you should write a book!" Or maybe you've realized that all the knowledge you have about your niche could be transferred beautifully into a book you could sell or give to clients.

But there's a problem. You're not a writer–or at least that's what you tell people–and you wouldn't know where to begin. 

Why not start here? I take clients through concept to completion in my manuscript writing course, Write Your Manuscript Now. Tell your story through proven practices and programs in a way only you can! 

Join our course today!

Start with a 4-hour workshop in the St. Louis area followed by 3 additional months of online coaching where I host a weekly call with a maximum of 12 people per group. We encourage accountability and sharing writing samples for you to create your best work.


End our three-and-a-half-month session with another workshop where you'll hear from a professional editor and publishing experts about the next steps for polishing and publishing a manuscript! Get 3+ months of coaching and both workshops for only $799.

Winter/Spring 2020 CLASS IS FULL

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Manuscript Writing Course Jan 28, 2020-May, 2020

Manuscript Writing Course Jan 28, 2020-May, 2020

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