It's National Science Fiction Day!

Happy 2022, friends!

National Science Fiction Day is January 2nd and since my trilogy is a time travel love story, it definitely falls into the SciFi category! The question I get asked most about the trilogy is, “How did you think of that?”

Now if you are a new reader here, and need a synopsis, let me give you a little context.

Tracing Time Shelly Snow Pordea

In BOOK ONE of the Tracing Time Trilogy, Anna Wright grapples with the effects of her depression while living a secluded life with her young family abroad. When her husband disappears, she is faced with accepting the assumption of his death or uncovering the truth behind his work.

Anna returns to the only thing she knows, her Midwest family, but life on the farm isn’t like what it was growing up. Times and people have changed, and her quest to find herself again turns into a burning desire to know the truth. Her husband’s colleague, Christopher, and the distinguished Professor Trinkton reveal secrets behind their studies, leaving Anna with the impossible choice to either join their efforts or lose David forever.

While she is an involved and loving mother, she does the unthinkable, choosing to travel through space and time without her children, justifying to herself that she’s on a mission to help save the planet and return her husband safely to his family. Her tenacity and determination lead her to successfully embark on an unfathomable journey. And what she finds is unthinkable: her husband, stuck in a time period in which he was unable to access the technology needed to return, has been betrothed to another.

The Victorian British era in which David had been trapped for nearly eight years left him all but hopeless until Anna arrives. Overcoming the epic trials their true love story must face, along with a mystical guide, together they make a way to return. But things aren’t simple when toying with the fabric of time.