Hi, I'm Shelly, author, speaker, and story coach. I believe each person's story matters. I used to think that our stories define us–identify who we are meant to be. Now I see  they are here to inform us. What information are you here to share? Through my coaching, I help people find a link between their creativity and productivity to share whatever they've learned from their story. Thinking of writing? I can help! I'd love to send you a FREE e-book I created to help people with their writing practice. Subscribe to my email list to receive a quick-guide for the tips I used to publish three books in three years!

Shelly Snow Pordea
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The creative in you is calling!

You have a story...

and I think you should tell it.

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"I highly recommend working with Shelly. She is responsible, professional, and knows how to handle writing projects both big and small. Her attention to detail and ability to work with a deadline make her a delight to work with. I’ll definitely be doing it again!” 

Jeff Goins, Best-selling Author

"I love working with Shelly. She brings a beautiful mix of heart and technical detail to the task of crafting my Conscious Bedtime Stories. I highly recommend her services." 

Andrew Newman, Creator of ConsciousStories.com

"Shelly gave me great advice on the next steps I needed to take in the process of publishing my book. I appreciated that there was no pressure and only a genuine concern to help me fulfill my dream. The value I received for my consultation exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend Shelly to anyone who needs assistance with getting their book written."

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Shaneice M. Thomas,

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